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Summer Camps are based on the theme of the week, your child will be introduced to a new scientific principle and that principle will be reinforced when the child builds a motorized LEGO model on their own. Let us introduce your child to the creative and experimental world of STEM in the most fun way possible!

Camp Theme Examples Below:

Theme 1: The Power of Super Heroes
Subject Model Scientific Principle
Batman Race Car Kinetic and Potential Energy
Superman Using Pulleys to life weights Fulcrum and Leverage
Wonder Woman Crane Double power increasing transmission
Farmers as superheroes ? Plough Speed decreasing transmission
Theme 2: Wonder of Science Around Us
Subject Model Scientific Principle
Amusement Park Carousel Centrifugal force and 90 degree angle transmission
Green Energy Wind Mill Belt transmission and speed increase in transmission
Household Washing Machine Centrifugal force and belt transmission
Road Work Steam Roller Symmetry, Asymmetry and vibration
Theme 3: Amusement Park
Subject Model Scientific Principle
Pirate Ship Pirate Ship Unstable and Stable structure
Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel Centrifugal and Centripetal force
Carousel Carousel Centrifugal force and belt transmission
Fly Wheel Fly Wheel Converting circular motion to linear motion